Is your (in)experience around computers costing you time, money, and opportunities?

  • Finally set up the tools you need
  • Easily manage daily digital tasks
  • Meet new demands with confidence and support
  • Automate some of your work
  • Either do it yourself or have the understanding and language to delegate 

Your Tech Confidence Coach

Hi, my name is Avital Spivak, and I inspire people who are “bad with computers” to experience curiosity rather than dread when faced with new technology needs. Through this transformation, my clients start naturally exploring and learning.

I’m dedicated to breaking the myth that people who did not grow up with technology cannot get comfortable with it – at any age!

I use my experience in both technology and education to work with people of all ages and abilities. Whether you need to learn the basics or find creative solutions for new challenges, I construct a plan to fit your needs.

I am multilingual and enjoy helping clients from everywhere. Technology is just another language! I’m also a dedicated martial artist, and I bring the wisdom of Adaptive Energy management to the benefit of my clients.

Among my clients:

✓ Coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs who need to be online but don't know how to make it happen themselves, or how to get/guide team members

✓ Professionals who need new technology skills as circumstances change.

✓ people who need to learn a specific skill (a painter, who wants to apply to gallery viewing and needs to upload images, a writer who needs to communicate with an editor.)

✓ seniors who have never touched a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and didn't even know what email was,

✓ people with challenges (shaking hands, reduced eyesight) who are interested in solutions that fit their needs.

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  • We start with an assessment of where you and your business are now in regards to technology
  • Explore your vision for the future — what new possibilities open up for you if technology is not slowing you down?
  • Create a customized road map for both you and your business — what needs to change for these possibilities to evolve?
  • Get support along your way both through guidance and hands-on assistance when you get stuck
  • Confidently say "let me talk to my team about this" rather than "I don't know what this is—I'm not good with computers", even before you have a team!

You can choose which part of your journey you will do yourself, and which concepts you want to understand so you can confidently delegate to team members.


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