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I fell in love with coworking in early 2023, when I struggled with procrastination. The usual suggestions of “use time blocking” and “just do it!” were not working for me. I just couldn’t get my butt in the chair. 

A friend suggested coworking. It made no sense!

And yet, I found out that just by showing up and stating my intention for the session I got more done in less time, especially the tasks I had procrastinated on. I’ve added hours to my week!

I’m now hosting these coworking sessions to create a safe space for myself and fellow entrepreneurs to tackle thorny tasks. 

And, since I’m a tech coach, I invite you to pick my brain with online tech questions during the break, office-hours style. No question too small! 

Let's get some digital company while we work on whatever we need to get done!

Monthly, on the 2nd Thursday
10-12 pm Eastern  
7-9 am Pacific
3-5 pm UK


What's coworking?

We get together and you've got companionship, but we're each working on our own things.

It's also a way to set aside time committed to working on your business and the parts of your business that tend to fall to the bottom of your to-do list.


How it works:

A bunch of online entrepreneurs like you get on a Zoom call together, mute ourselves with our cameras on (as you feel comfortable), and get some work done!

  1. We start with a round of quick introductions and stating what we plan to work on during the session.
  2. Then we mute our mics, keep our cameras on (in general), and work individually, with companionship on the screen, generating group focus.
  3. After 40 minutes we break to shake it out, re-fill our cups, or ask questions about online tech.
  4. After a 15-20 min break, we have another 40 min session
  5. At the end we check in on our progress, and sign off!


Sign up for free coworking here

Once you register, you'll get a confirmation email with the zoom links.

Then, every second Thursday, you'll get an email reminder 24 hours and one hour before the session with the Zoom link. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


 Join us! 

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